True or False?

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True or False?

Directed By
Nikos Makridis

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9:47 min

Rating: (3.1)


This short film is about two individuals, a male and a female, who have been chatting through internet. The plot begins when the female's cellphone rings. By talking through the phone this time, they discover more things about each other. They gradually get to know and share their inner thoughts. The next step is to talk through web camera, which bring them even more closer. This is when they start playing unconsciously 'True or False' game, which makes them know each other better and leads to the outcome of their relationship.

Director's statement

My purpose is to highlight the absence of differential treatment.

Cast & Team

Director:  Nikos Makridis
Scriptwriter:  Apollonia Tsanta
Scriptwriter:  Dimitris Evlampidis
Producer:  Kinoumeni Eikona
Producer:  Nikos Makridis
Cinematographer:  Makis Kalavitis
Editor:  Theodore Konstantopoulos
Music:  Petros Satrazanis
Sound:  Dimitris Vasiliadis
Art Director:  Nikos Makridis

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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