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Directed By
Theofanis Topsachalidis

Production Country

Production year

8:20 min

Rating: (4)


The short video ‘Thoughts' is a tribute to the power of new media in filmmaking, created from pre-existed footage and using different types of video formats. This is the story of a man who lives in a life without any pleasures because of the financial global crisis. The only way he can escape from all his problems is to lay down in bed, think about the happiness in his past, and to dream for a better future. Memories and thoughts are the only thing keeping him alive.

Director's statement

Fanis is working in video/photo studio in Ptolemaida,Greece.

Director's short bio

My name is Fanis Topsachalidis. I am 34 years old and I am the owner of the Video photo-studio of Tops Porductions in Ptolemaida.I have Bsc studies in Electronical engineering and MA in New media productions. I love the whole part of cinematography and specially digital video editing.

Film Participations Awards

will participate in Patras International Film Festival 2012.

Cast & Team

Director:  Theofanis Topsachalidis
Producer:  Theofanis Topsachalidis
Editor:  Theofanis Topsachalidis
Cast:  Stelios Karachisarlis
Cast:  Vaia Ntalamisiou

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Sound Format: Stereo


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