Sweet Heart Eater

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Sweet Heart Eater

Directed By
rahela jagric

Production Country

Production year

7:58 min

Rating: (2.4)


Ginger hair girl Valentina hates the color of her hair and is convinced that having red hair is the reason why she hasn't found a love of her life yet. The most hatred day for her is February 14th - Valentine’s day. However, an unexpected Valentine's gift magically transports her to a gingerbread workshop in which she is destined to stay forever, unless she discovers a recipe that will bring her back to reality.

Director's statement

The film was firstly intended to be a promotional film for Slovenian gingerbread museum LECTAR(http://www.lectar.com/). Yet, after visiting impressive shooting locations, I decided to expand on the visuals and add fiction elements. So finally we ended up having a fiction story told in original gingerbread museum where tradition of gingerbread hearts is still alive today.

Film Participations Awards

Moscars Film Festival (Egypt, 2012)

Cast & Team

Director:  rahela jagric
Scriptwriter:  orla murphy
Producer:  Joze jagric
Cinematographer:  joze jagric
Editor:  rahela jagric
Music:  edwin sykes
Sound:  krishnan subramanian
Cast:  ana marija siter
Cast:  amir tokic
Cast:  ines bardorfer
Cast:  andreja avsenek
Cast:  tanja zupancic
Cast:  eva siter

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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