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My special K

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My special K

Directed By
Stevi Panagiotaki

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7:24 min

Rating: (3,7)


Andreas is a loner young man. His only companion the last years is a blowup doll. Lately, Andreas believes that his girlfriend is acting distant and so; he decided to talk to her about it. But things don’t go as he has planned.

Director's statement

“My special K” is a story about how we let go of our “K”s” – meaning our hallucinations – that make us feel special, safe and secure.
Letting go is often the hardest thing, but as life goes on the need to live is stronger than any kind of safety and comfort any hallucination can offer.

Director's short bio

Ένα βιογραφικό!

Cast & Team

Director:  Stevi Panagiotaki
Cinematographer:  Costas Drakakis
Editor:  Stevi Panagiotaki
Sound:  Steven Gekas
Cast:  Nikolas Piperas

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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