Night Guards

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Night Guards

Directed By
Marko Marinkovic

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11:55 min

Rating: (3,1)


Two night guards, belonging to different generations and different epochs, this, as every other night are repeating what they did while they were alive. Generation gap in the other world becomes evident, too. And everything would be so endless if, this night, two live people didn"t enter that world of theirs.

Director's statement

Story is inspired by situation in many abandoned factories in Serbia, which mostly have only guards. They continue to come to work even though they are not paid more years, with the hope they will return to the old life. However, for the state they are only ” ghosts “.

Director's short bio

I study history and I would like to study film directing too.

Film Participations Awards

1. Serbian Fantastic Film Festival
2. Festival Nacional de Cine Estudiantil Fenacies
3. Viewster Online Film Fest

Cast & Team

Director:  Marko Marinkovic
Scriptwriter:  Marko Marinkovic
Editor:  Marko Marinkovic
Music:  Midnight Beatz
Sound:  Vladimir Petrovic
Art Director:  Marko Marinkovic
Cast:  Dragan Marinkovic
Cast:  Stevan Matic
Cast:  Viktorija Arsic
Cast:  Marko Vuckovic

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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