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George Ktistakis

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7:17 min

Rating: (4,1)


In an ever changing nature, music creation is an indisputable part of the human equation. This process of creation is a journey that ultimately leads to its own starting point having, however, caused a change, a metamorphosis.

Director's short bio

Elena Papastavrou was born in 1986 in Athens.
She is an English Literature graduate of the Kapodistrian University of Athens and has also graduated from New York College with a Certificate in ‘Film & Television Studies’. She has assisted in several short film productions mainly in cinematography and director’s assistant posts, as well as in Thanos Kermitsis’s feature film “Indomitable” as an assistant photographer.

George Ktistakis is a Film & TV Studies graduate from the University of Greenwich. He has worked in numerous short and feature films as an assistant director, camera operator and editor.

Film Participations Awards

-1st Short Film Competition: GREEK SONG: MUSIC BY GREEK COMPOSERS — audio-visual works inspired by Greek music, 2014, Athens, Greece.

-8th International Short Film Festival, Psarokokalo, 2014

Cast & Team

Director:  George Ktistakis
Director:  Elena Papastavrou
Cinematographer:  Elena Papastavrou
Cinematographer:  George Ktistakis
Editor:  George Ktistakis
Editor:  Elena Papastavrou
Sound:  Antonis Koutelias
Music:  Leonidas Magarakis
Cast:  Michalis Sakoulis
Cast:  Michalis Mountakis

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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