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Directed By
Galaxias Spanos

Production Country

Production year

12:58 min

Rating: (3.5)


An Albanian immigrant working as a delivery driver in Athens, has his wedding anniversary. So, he wants to return home as soon as possible. Unfortunately on this specific day, a new assistant comes for work and everything goes upside down.

Director's short bio

Galaxy Spanos (Screenwriter, Director)
Born in 1989, he holds both the Greek and Suisse nationality.
He studied Filmmaking in Athens were he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Film studies from the Greenwich University. He has directed three short films.
His first short film “Kiosk” produced by the Greek Film Center in 2011 was screened at the International Film Festival of Drama, the International Film Festival of Tirana and the “AltCine Action!” online Short Film Festival for Balkan Filmmakers.
His second self-financed short film “Pyramid” was screened at the International Film Festival of Athens “Nyxtes Premieras” and at the Micro μ Festival. In 2015, he decided to make a short documentary “The Fading Light of the Sun” about his grandfather, the writer and lyricist Vangelis Goufas. He has also worked in numerous short films as Assistant Director and Sound engineer.
He is currently working in the development of his next short film “Beyond the River”; for which he participated at the Drama’s Pitching Lab and Forum in September of 2014 and he received an honorable mention for the script from the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece.

Film Participations Awards

International Film Festival of Drama 2011.

Cast & Team

Director:  Galaxias Spanos
Scriptwriter:  Galaxias Spanos
Producer:  Galaxias Spanos
Cinematographer:  Pantelis Mantzanas
Editor:  Myrto Karra
Music:  Alexis Mantas
Sound:  Thanassis Spanos/ Renos Papastavros
Art Director:  Dimitria Frousounioti
Cast:  Bujar Alimani, Riaz Ahmed, Dimitra Limniou, Giorgos Lampis

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16/9
Sound Format: Stereo


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