Jesus Stopped at Gyzi

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Jesus Stopped at Gyzi

Directed By
Amerissa Basta

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10:35 min

Rating: (5)


The first day of the school year, a girl remembers the incidents that took place during the summer, when the family was forced to close their bookstore and move to their granmother"s house. Now the family has to maintain their dignity and keep the hope for the future alive. Inspired from "Jesus stopped at Empoli" by Carlo Levi.

Director's short bio

Amerissa Basta has born in Athens 1979 an she studied Communication and Medlia in Panteion University of Athens. She is working in public relations at a publishing house. She has directed 4 short films.
Eviva, 16’, 2014/ Jesus Stopped at Gyzi, 11’, 2013/ Stella and I, 5’, 2012/ Unit, 13’, 2010

Film Participations Awards

• National Premiere at Drama International Short Film festival 2013
• 3rd Micro μ Festival (5/102013) 2nd best short film
• 19th Athens International Film Festival
• KO&digital Festival internacional de cine solidario (Sant Sadurní d”Anoia (Barcelona)
• Hotel “”I Grappoli”” Sessa, Ticino (17/11/2013)
• 16th International Film Festival for Children and Young People (4/12/2013)
• Festival Sguardi Altrove / Milano (March 2014)
• Short film night FESTIVART 2014 (Loutraki, Greece 12/04/2014) – Best Short Film

Cast & Team

Director:  Amerissa Basta
Producer:  Kyriakos Chazimichailidis
Producer:  Dimitrios Nakos
Scriptwriter:  Dimitrios Nakos
Cinematographer:  Domitris Koukas
Editor:  Nikos Myrtou
Sound:  Antonis Samaras
Music:  Christos Triantafyllou
Art Director:  Kyriaki Tsitsa
Cast:  Akis Sakellariou
Cast:  Rania Oikonomidou
Cast:  Athina Maximou
Cast:  Marcella Giannatou
Cast:  Sotiria Chontzaki
Cast:  Konstantinos Pallikaras

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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