Eight-minute Deadline

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Eight-minute Deadline

Directed By
Zina Papadopoulou

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8:00 min

Rating: (3)


In a virtual cut-throat world that brooks no mistakes, everyone is deadline-driven. The main character, a postman, is assigned the mission to deliver a letter on a unicycle in eight minutes. Torn between love and duty, the character lives through short-lived moments of passion, scrubbing round the rules.

Director's statement

Eight-minute Deadline” is a nerve-racking movie about people who straggle to catch up with their tight deadlines.
We created a world where everyone is traveling alone on a unicycle

Director's short bio

Zina Papadopoulou was born in Greece. She studied Graphic Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. She took her Master’s degree in Animation in the Utrecht School of the Arts, the Netherlands. She has many years working experience as a designer and animator in the Netherlands, UK and Greece. Currently, she works as an independent animator and director.

Film Participations Awards

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM, BeFilm – The Underground Film Festival, New York
BEST MOVIE AWARD, Federation of Cinematographic Clubs, 35th Drama Film Festival
BEST ANIMATION, 35th Drama Film Festival
CINEMATIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2012, Thess International Short Film Festival
HONORABLE MENTION, Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival

Cast & Team

Director:  Zina Papadopoulou
Director:  Petros Papadopoulos
Producer:  Maria Hatzakou
Producer:  Louizos Aslanidis
Producer:  Giorgos Georgopoulos
Producer:  Kostas Georgopoulos
Cinematographer:  Petros Nousias
Music:  Greg Grigoropoulos
Cast:  Evripides Laskaridis
Cast:  Vasso Kavalieratou

Technical Specs

Color: BW
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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