Doux Espoirs

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Doux Espoirs

Directed By
Vanessa Fotakidou-Belonia

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14:44 min

Rating: (2)


A story about unattainable and unrequited love. Marina, a writer, is waiting in the park to meet Jack. Instead, he's home, sleeping. When he wakes he quickly goes to check his mail. The girl he wants is away for so long and has not communicated since. He decides to write an angry letter. Next day Marina finds a birthday present- a pair of wings. Meanwhile, as Jack goes to the mailbox, he learns about the death of a dear person. Nothing matters anymore, he leaves without sending the letter. Will the characters ultimately free themselves from the chains of desire?

Cast & Team

Director:  Vanessa Fotakidou-Belonia
Producer:  Vanessa Fotakidou-Belonia
Producer:  Jack D. Milton
Scriptwriter:  Vanessa Fotakidou-Belonia
Cinematographer:  Vanessa Fotakidou-Belonia
Editor:  Vanessa Fotakidou-Belonia
Sound:  Vanessa Fotakidou-Belonia
Music:  Patricia Belonia
Art Director:  Vanessa Fotakidou-Belonia
Cast:  Marina Iliades
Cast:  Jack D. Milton
Director:  Alexandra Pesmazoglou

Technical Specs

Color: BW


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