Darka/ The Dinner

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Darka/ The Dinner

Directed By
Suela Bako

Production Country

Production year

15:00 min

Rating: (3,6)


Diana is 16yrs old and she lives with her younger sister and their father. Their mother died a few years ago...One day their father invited for dinner at their house his brother and his wife accompanied by a young women...

Director's statement

Even though, life would not be kind to us, even though it would be hard, it is up to us to start it fresh, as from the very beginning. We’ve to get use to it!

Film Participations Awards

The dinner – Best Film Award, in GJFF, 2014
Erjeta Cufaj – Best supporting role award, GJFF, 2014
Suela Bako – DEA award as an encouragament, for a promissing start to a successful film career, Dea Film Fest 2014
The dinner – Best National Film, B3F 2014

Cast & Team

Director:  Suela Bako
Scriptwriter:  Suela Bako
Cinematographer:  Shpetim Baca
Editor:  Adrian Guri
Music:  Andi Kongo
Cast:  Erjeta Cufaj
Cast:  Romir Zalla
Cast:  Mehmet Xhelili
Cast:  Eri Shuka
Cast:  Kaltrin Zalla
Cast:  Ermonela Alikaj

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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