A Private Man

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A Private Man

Directed By
Vasilis Nobilakis

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14:59 min

Rating: (2.3)


A man is isolated of his own free will in a tiny place where he lives alone. The days follow one another without any surprises, just as he wants them to be. Calm, stable, safe. Everything would be perfect if it were not for these horrible blackouts.

Director's short bio

Vasilis Nobilakis was born in 1984 in Athens. He studied Psychology and Digital Arts.

Panagiotis Tomaras was born in 1985 in Athens. He studied Photography, Digital Arts and artScience. He is a multimedia artist working in the field of 3d video mapping, building projections, photography and multi-channel sound environments. His projects are investigating the visual medium and the sound experiences.

Cast & Team

Director:  Vasilis Nobilakis
Scriptwriter:  Vasilis Nobilakis
Producer:  Vasilis Nobilakis
Director:  Panagiotis Tomaras
Cinematographer:  Panagiotis Tomaras
Editor:  Panagiotis Tomaras
Sound:  Tasos Maschalidis
Cast:  Kiriakos Tzeiranis

Technical Specs

Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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